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About Us


Shenzhen XPGTECH Co., LTD. is a new technology company installed by  a group of engineers ,quality management, and sales staff who are engaged in power 

supply products for many years. Refined product line constantly on the basis of the continuous integration of supply chain resources and according to the 

change of the global market,  Become a Provider and Supplier specializing in  wireless charger, power bank, quick charge, power case.

XPGTECH has long-term business relationship with many trading company and branded Online business already. 


Company Orientation

Focus on the development and marketing of wireless charger,wireless receiver coil, wireless power bank, quick charger, form a complete set of production 

process and strict quality management, become a One-stop Service of Foreign Trading company and Brand Online business.


Product Orientation:

  1. XPGTECH oriented in the Development and Customization , manufacturing and production of  high-end  product;

   2. For private mould product, we are strict  in  packaging design, appearance design and structural design , the requirement for the PCBA and Scheme          

       both higher than the open products in the market to let the consumer can get good products experience;

   3. For ODM customized products, we will provide professional technology and market development Suggestions, carry out all details strictly accordance        

       with the prior communication with customer

Customer Orientation

  1. Foreign Trading Company;

   2. AmazonebayTmallJD etc.

   3. Foreign brand retail


Service oreitation

   1. Promise quality ,no more worry delievery;

   2. We have what others have not, We are superior than others , We are cheap than others for identical

About Us
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